International Development & Welfare Foundation (IDWF) is an NGO established in 2003. We have been providing educational and medical aids for economically challenged. We have also been conducting free cataract operations.

About Us

IDWF is an NGO established in 2003. We have been providing educational and medical aids for economically challenged. We have also been conducting free cataract operations. Mission of the Trust

  • For making available to poor and needy persons the benefit of the Dharmashala, Sanitarium or health home for rest and recreation at any place in India or otherwise for making available to poor and needy persons, the benefit of a change or air or rest which they are unable to secure by their own private means.
  • For promoting national integration by establishing places for social, cultural and spiritual congregations, interactions and discourses.
  • For giving monetary aid or other help for relief from natural calamities like famine, floods, cyclone, tempest, earthquake or otherwise.
  • To undertake, carry out, promote and sponsor rural developments including any programme for promoting the social economic welfare for the upliftment of the public in any area and to incur any expenditure on any programmes rural development and to assist execution and promotion thereof directly or through any independent agency.
  • To establish or take over and maintain schools, colleges and any other educational institutions and to start student referral programmes to provide education and employment and to do all the acts and things necessary for or conducive to promotion of primary, secondary, higher, commercial, technical and industrial education without any discrimination of caste, creed religion or sex.
  • To start establish, conduct and maintain reading rooms, libraries, laboratories, gymnasiums workshops, hostels.
  • To edit, print, publish and exhibit books, papers and periodicals and advancement of knowledge and education without profit motive.
  • To give scholarships to deserving students for payment of fees of educational institution or to bear and pay their lodging and boarding fees to such extent as the Trustees may deem fit without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion or sex.
  • To give loan and /or scholarships to deserving students for higher studies in India or abroad to such an extent as the Trustees may deem fit without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion or sex.
  • To conduct and carry out experiments and to provide funds for research work and for scholarship, stipend and /or other payment or aid to any person or persons engaged and to improve the education of persons who are engaged or / are likely and be engaged in any professions.
  • To promote, form, establish, maintain and run medical research center or centers at such place or places as may be determined by the Trustees.
  • To undertake prosecute, develop help or carry on all or any kind or basic or fundamental and / or applied medical research and scientific work in connection with or relating to surgical, clinical socio-medical research problems which will without prejudice to the generality of the said field of research.
  • To establish, equip, maintain, manage and administer hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, dispensaries and clinics mobile and / or stationary.
  • To undertake, conduct and to provide funds for development of games and sports.
  • To apply to the Government, Public Bodies, Urban, Local, Municipal Districts and other bodies, Corporation, Companies or person all over the world for any to accept grants or money and donations, gifts subscriptions and other assistance with a view to promoting the objects of this Trusts and to discuss and negotiate with the Government department, public and other bodies, Corporations, Companies or persons, schemes of Research and other work and matters within the objects of the Trust and to confirm to any proper conditions upon which such grants and other payments may be made.
  • To takeover or amalgamate with any other Charitable Society, Trust, Association or Institution with similar charitable objects with such consent as may be required on time from any appropriate body or bodies.
  • To establish, equip, maintain, manage and administer “Gaushala” and also to provide funds for making available fodder to cows.
  • To give donation on marriage and also to distribute or provide clothes to the needy or poor persons.
  • To establish, equip, maintain, manage and administer hall for general use.
  • To give donations and contributions to other Charitable Trusts, Associations or Institutions.
  • To organize relief for distressed people directly or indirectly and to render all humanitarian service etc. to the public at large.
  • To do all or any to the aforesaid actives either by itself or in collaboration with other trust or institution having similar objects.
  • To create awareness on various social, memorial and economics issues affecting the country and to direct this awareness in developing innovative means of generating resources financial material and professional and channel these resources through people and projects in the field.
  • To promote national integration and encourage, support and develop social welfare programs for balanced growth of the nation.
  • To provide financial or any other assistance towards relief and rehabilitation of the people affected by calamites like cyclones, earthquakes, epidemics, fire, famine, floods, war, riots, etc.
  • To establish, maintain or support a home or homes for widows, orphans, special centers for providing shelter and protection to women and children in distress.
  • To create and promote enlightened public opinion on various issues affecting the citizens of India.
  • To encourage conservation, afforestation and protection of the environment including birds, animals and species of plants and animals.
  • To provide food, clothing and shelter to all those in need and provide pecuniary assistance to those unable to fend for themselves due to old age, disease or any physical or mental handicap.
  • To undertake or assist in undertaking projects like digging wells, providing drinking water facilities, fodder cattle, grains, seeds and fertilizers for farming, agriculture tools etc.
  • To establish, maintain or support Dharmshalas, rest-houses, convalescing homes, health and immunization infirmaries, orphanages.
  • To provide assistance for building or maintaining roads, national and state highways, bridges, reservoirs, irrigation tanks, tube wells, recreation centers, parks, playgrounds for children, libraries, museums, art galleries, cultural centers for the public and improving their quality life.
  • To support the initiative of any individual groups or organization in promoting education both formal and informal and for children and adults.
  • To establish, takeover, run, maintain, assist and support hospitals, including mobile hospitals, charitable dispensaries, maternity homes, sanatoriums, medical centers, medical camps, health education and family planning centers, children welfare centers, natural health centers, nutrition centers and nay other institution or natural health centers, nutrition centers and nay other institution or forum for preventive, curative or primary health-care and treatment.
  • To establish, takeover, run, maintain a centre a centre or centers for senior citizens or retirement homes or old people’s homes with facilities for boarding, lodging, health-care, nutrition, recreation etc. as may be necessary.
  • To construct low-cost buildings and homes for the poor disadvantaged and those in distress, especially in the rural and / or urban slums or wherever found necessary
  • To conduct and organize seminars, workshops, conferences, meeting, public lectures.
  • To provide assistance to provided funding agencies in verification of financial statements and progress reports of the voluntary organization, pertaining to the said development projects and programmes in India.
  • To pay all cost charges and expenses incidental to the management, administration and execution of the objectives and powers herein contained.
  • To open and maintain account or accounts for the Trust in any scheduled bank or banks for the purpose of keeping the money and to operate on the same or the authorize anyone or more to operate upon them.
  • To accept, in cash or king, donations, gifts, grants, contributions (as Corpus or otherwise) and to collect interest and other income of the Trust for being utilized for furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Trust.
  • To purchase or to take on lease lands, buildings and other immovable or movable properties in the name of the Trust.
  • To invest, dispose of transfer and otherwise deal with monies assts and properties, for the time being of the trust in such manner as the law permits and proper to do in carrying out the objects of the Trust.
  • To pay all expenses preliminary of incidental to the formation of the Trust and its registration and for management and administration for the same.
  • To do all such acts, deeds and things and extend all such other assistance to the said voluntary organizations as may be necessary and incidental to the attainment of aforesaid objects.
  • All actives financed for the funds shall conducted in accordance with the ideals and objects as staged herein above and no discrimination shall be made on grounds of religion, caste, creed, sex or political affiliation of the implementing agency or beneficiary.

Our Trustee

Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide
Ms. Sugra Athaide
Mr. Nazreth Athaide
Mr. Rajesh Moondra
Mr. Soham Bhuta
Mr. Rashid Basu